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12Global is made up of a small team of people who have all, at one time, lived in rural areas and been frustrated by the lack of fast, consistent internet and sub-par customer service offered by local ISP’s.

With over 30 years collective experience in wireless networking we decided that if we wanted something done right, we needed to do it ourselves. Thus 12Global was born.

12Global is fully funded and run based on a set, long-term, and goal-oriented plan. The management team includes CISCO CCIE and MIKROTIK certified experts and is comprised of professionals who have years of experience in high-tech wireless telecommunications.

We set out, from the beginning, to create the fastest, most reliable network in the greater Chicagoland area. In addition to the towers used by most providers, 12Global has partnered with individuals, and local business’ to deploy our own private network of towers throughout our coverage area. In doing so we have minimized the number of customers per tower and maximized the bandwidth per customer.

We use only new equipment, and our technicians are industry certified by the manufacturers and receive continuing education to keep up with the technology. This ensures a reliable, consistent connections and minimizes the number and frequency of signal drops, slowdowns, packet loss, and connection interruption.

We believe that our speed, customer service, and network reliability speak for themselves. We don’t use expensive marketing or fancy gimmicks to attract new customers. We also don’t use 2 year contracts, with expensive cancellation fees to retain the customer we currently have. Our customers are free to cancel at any time, but they keep coming back because we consistently provide the best customer service experience possible.

There is a demand for gigabit speeds with higher bandwidth consumption online. Being local, our gigabit fiber provides our customers the power and support that they need at a price that is hard to beat.

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